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Happy Stories

Happy Stories


In our series Portraits of cats adopted at the shelter, we’re introducing today Mimi (formerly Delphine) who conquered the heart ?of her foster family who became her family for life! Her family offers us a superb portrait of her adorable kitty!

Mimi(formerly Delphine) was entrusted to us as a foster family on July 2019. Cuddly but very shy, she spent 3 days under the sofa without going out. But the day we got to knew each other, me, my boyfriend, and our cat Cosmo, we all fell in love with her ?! I nicknamed her “Mimi” because of her little cries, and then finally the name stayed. She became the little clown ? of the house, always finding a way to make us laugh, always pushing her little “meows” when we approach her before dropping to the side to get scratched… We had not decided to have another cat, but she knew how to conquer us, and since then, impossible for us to part with it?. So we adopted her forever, or she was the one who adopted us! Now she follows us around the house, chatting with us through her little mews, sleeping on us, or glued to her new best friend Cosmo who often kisses her.? She is now part of the family forever.

Thank you to Mimi’s family for this touching testimony, long life Mimi and thank you for bringing joy to our day?? XXX


? A LITTLE JOY IN YOUR EVENING? ? News from Nukku (formerly Bidule) ….

Adopted in June 2011 when he was a young kitten of 6 months, Nukku is living a good life in his family since that time!

When he arrived in his new house, Nukku met 2 new feline friends! The 2 kittens of the family welcomed him, even if he was a playful and very energetic kitten! They quickly formed a trio of twinks with great complicity! When Nukku was 2 years old, a happy event happened in the family, the birth of a baby.? Nukku immediately appreciated the company of the child, he had no fear and was easily petted by the little one, they really ”connected” well ?. Nukku was never far from the baby, and they became inseparable. Even today, they are the best friends forever!

Nukku is a ball of affection with all his family and with his cat friends, he is cuddly and affectionate,he’s a real sweattie… He sometimes has moments of “madness”, but that’s what makes him even more endearing!

Long healthy life to you cute Nukku! XOXO Thank you for participating in our portraits and beautifying our lives. And above all, thank you for adopting in a shelter, ? when life will start again, many kitties will be looking for a family for life! ?


Adopted at the shelter in fall 2019, the young Kitty has energy to spare?! Clementine is a playful young girl who moves all the time and loves to play in the water?, and manhandling the plants …. ?! The Sweetie is full of life, she’s so amazing to look at! She loves to be noticed and admired by her new family?!

Clémentine has 2 cat friends in her new family, the trio get along perfectly?❤️?! The stunning kitty imitates her adopted brothers and all together they have fun like crazy! Look at her giving a «massage» to one of her brothers?! Good life cute Clémentine, we wish you to have fun and to enjoy life with your new family! Thank you for choosing to adopt in a shelter?


?Portrait of cat adopted at the Refuge! Adopted in 2017, the stunning Molly is a naughty and playful cat ?! In her family, Molly shows a lot of skill, she is able to open several cupboards doors, and closets, and she loves it ?! When no one is looking at her, she sometimes plays with the toilet paper and unrolls the whole roll! (Hope her family has stocked up?)

Molly is independent at times, but she also enjoys receiving affection from family members ?. She also adores her cat buddy Toby, they spend long hours cuddling each other, it’s cat love! ? + ?

The adorable Molly is a cat who proudly wears the “tortoise shell” coat color, did you know that this coat color is unique to females? Like the calico coat, for genetic reasons, these colors are worn exclusively by females.?

Good and long beautiful life Molly, continue to make your family happy for life! Thank you to her family for opening her heart to Molly?!

Thank you for adopting in shelters and to sterilize your animals!


New Portrait of cat adopted at the Refuge Schwartz had a tumultuous and special start to his life! Lucky despite everything, today he lives in peace and happiness… But let’s start at the beginning; born outside in the summer of 2016, this young cat was part of a colony of stray cats, he was captured, sterilized and vaccinated via a Trap Neuter Return program, TNR. He bears the universal mark of these programs, the small V-shaped size of the left ear. He should have been returned ouside, but as he demonstrated a friendly side and good potential, he was therefore transferred to the Refuge and a foster family opened his door and his heart to him.

Shy and fearful at first, Schwartz began to flourish and appreciate his humans with patiente from them, and by following the example of the family’s 2 kitties Charlie and Pantoufle? + ? + ?. Schwartz then lived, not 1, but 2 adoptions that did not work ??? … He was returned 2 times to his foster family. Seeing that he was well and happy to be back, his foster family made the fantastic decision to become his family for life !!! The Tall black kitty has been fulfilled in his family since that time, He is very affectionate with his cat sisters and with his humans. Curious by nature, Schwartz spends long hours watching everything that goes on outside at the window observation post! He is generally calm, but when he wants to move, he runs madly through the house with his sister Charlie! ? We wish you a beautiful and long life Dear Schwartz, the difficulties are behind you now!

This is a great story that allows us to thank the family of Schwartz for giving him a chance? ?. They knew how to see in him his strengths and today they are well rewarded because Schwartz shows them every day his love and gratitude?!

We have several cats who had a difficult start of life and are currently looking for a family for life, if you want to help a cat in need, let us know ?

Filip & Slim

Thank you for coming to our Adoption Day!

There are two cats who found a forever family this Sunday: Filip & Slim. Both of them were adopted by their foster families. We wish them all the best with their new family.