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Moving: Precautions to take to help your cat cope with this change

Cats are animals with a routine and their own habits. They don’t like moving because it upsets this routine. It may take several weeks for your cat to get used to its new home and to accept the change. Because of all the turmoil moving causes for your cat, it may do its business outside its box at first. You may also notice a change in the way it acts and reacts as well…

To minimize the effects, here are some ideas that will help you cat adapt more quickly to its new environment.

First, if you can, visit your future new home with the cat before moving day. Secondly, try to ensure that the cat is the last thing to come into the apartment after the furniture and boxes have been moved and try to find someone to cat -sit your cat at their home while you are emptying your place. As well, if there are renovations to do in your new home, try to get them done before your cat arrives. Finally, for a cat who is, by nature, timid and afraid, we recommend that you introduce it gradually to your new home room by room by leaving it in one room for a few days before exposing it to another room, giving it the time it needs to get used to its new space easily and with the least amount of stress.

Do not let your cat go outside shortly after a moving.

He must get used to his new home during a few weeks. Otherwise, he may not find his way back. Even if he loves it, do not let him go outside during the night. Lost cats have very often been left outside at night. Cats will go farther at night because there are fewer cars, and when morning comes, they are not able to get back home. If you want to make sure your cat is going to come back when you decide it (early evening is the best time), always give him food at this same time (a bit of moist food for dry food eaters or a cat delicacy). A cat is as regular as a clockwork and he will quickly get used to the eating habits you will set.

The Refuge pour chats de Verdun remind that abandoning a domestic animal is a criminal act.