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How to Adopt


The Refuge pour chats de Verdun’s mission is to find the best possible permanent home for its cats and is looking for serious adopters who understand that adopting a cat is a commitment that should last for the entire lifetime of the animal which could go over 15 years.
Providing sufficient care and ensuring the wellbeing of the animal requires a regular financial commitment that should not be neglected. This budget should take into account expenditures such as quality food, liter and annual veterinary checkups (vaccines and parasite control). There could also be unexpected or emergency care such as treatments of certain ailments, injuries or surgical procedures, the cost of which can quickly rise.

All the cats under the care of the Shelter receive the necessary treatments for their optimal health. Therefore, kittens cannot be adopted before the age of 4 months in order to receive all the vaccinations and parasite treatments. All the cats are sterilized except for the kittens for which the adoption fees cover the procedure. The person adopting a kitten is thus responsible in booking the appointment at our partnered veterinary clinic when the kitten reaches 6 months of age.

Our no-kill shelter offers personalized, quality service. All of our cats are housed with foster families, which enables us to know more about their personalities and better monitor their health. We offer a 30-day post-adoption guarantee. We do our best to find the best possible match between each individual cat and each individual adopter because a harmonious adoption is for life!

Where to start?
  • Check out the descriptive sheets of our available cats for adoption in the section CATS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.
  • To begin the adoption process, you must complete the ADOPTION FORM.
  • You don’t have to specify a cat from the list if you do not have a preference. You can simply describe in the form the type of cat that you are looking for. A volunteer will contact you if a cat corresponds to your desired profile.
  • The shelter takes in cats that come from various backgrounds. The shelter takes to heart the adoption of every single of their furry friend no matter what their past lives might have been. For this reason, a phone or a videoconference interview is also part of the adoption process. This is to ensure that you are adopting the right cat for you and your lifestyle, which ultimately contributes to your family’s and your cat’s happiness and wellbeing.

Adoption terms
  • The adoption fees are $350 per cat. It is possible make the payment by e-transfer or by cash.
  • You must have a cat carrier in order to pick up the cat(s) you adopted.
  • For all the cats, the adoption fee includes sterilization and the following vaccines : basic PRC vaccine and the annual booster, feline leukaemia vaccine and the rabies vaccine. All our cats are also treated against parasites (fleas, ear mites and deworming) and are microchipped.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any adoption application if it does not meet the criterias established for each cat.

I can no longer keep my cat and would like to put him or her up for adoption. Can I leave my cat in your care?

The Refuge’s foster homes are generally filled to maximum capacity, so it is very difficult for the Refuge to accept a new cat on short notice. We suggest that you act as a foster family for your cat until we can find him or her a good home, or that you leave the cat in the care of someone you trust until a permanent home can be found. We are always looking for new Foster Families. For more information you can contact us by e-mail.

My cat is lost. Is it possible that you have taken him or her in?

It is possible, because our mission is to give homeless and abandoned cats a good home. If you wish, you can send us a “lost” announcement via e-mail. We will also check with our volunteers whether or not they have taken your cat in.

Does the shelter offer a temporary boarding service for cats?

Unfortunately, no. Our volunteers offer loving and welcoming homes to homeless and abandoned cats until they get to be adopted.