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Sale for the benefit of the Refuge for cats (Verdun)

Treat yourself and save, all while supporting a good cause: our four-legged friends who need our help! All kinds of quality items are available: Vintage items, household and decorative items, jewelry, dishes, DVDs, etc. View all items. All the money raised is used to treat and vaccinate the numerous cats of the Refuge and prepare them for adoption.

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Refuge pour chats de Verdun’s mission is to rescue abandoned cats and encourage people to sterilize their cats.
Since 1999, volunteers of the Refuge and its host families have received more than 2000 cats abandoned. Thanks to the Refuge, these cats got a second chance. They have received the care needed to recover health, they have been vaccinated and sterilized and they also found what they had lost: a good home.
Unfortunately, the fate of several other homeless cats is uncertain. Do not wait, make your donation and participate in our activities.

The items below are available only at our Adoption days.

Since we are a non-profit organization, we depend on donations from kindly and generous donors. Here are the items that are for sale for the cause of the Refuge.

Refuge’s T-shirt
Toy for cats $5
Greeting cards $1 and more
Cotton reusable bags $2.50
Keychain $5
Cat Tree $40 26.5 x 21 x 13 po
Page keepers $2 and more
Bath Products $10 (Only $4 back to the Refuge)
Catnip toys $2 to $5
Refuge’s pens $2
Stained glass, various $5 to $15