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Winter 2016 Fundraising

In winter, water freezes and food becomes scarce, turning the search for food into a full-time battle for homeless cats. If they’re lucky, some kind souls think of leaving water or food for them outside their doors, but these kind people are still very few and far between. What is more, some municipalities even go so far as to forbid people from doing this to avoid attracting homeless cats. Those cats who do survive the winter often suffer lasting physical consequences that are a constant reminder to all of the pain, cold, and hunger they endured. Frostbite on the paws and ears are among the most common of these consequences. These cats, often underfed and undernourished, have trouble not only producing heat, but also conserving it. Their ears begin to fall, their pads get burned by the cold, and sometimes pieces of their tails fall off. In some cases, they could lose an entire limb, and then lose their lives. This is not the worst-case scenario, however: pregnant cats must make an incredible effort to feed not only themselves, but also their future kittens. If they are lucky enough to survive until they give birth, they need to find a place where they can deliver their little ones and feed them. In the middle of February, when temperatures can plummet to -40 degrees Celsius, it’s a losing battle. Most kittens do not survive, and neither do their mothers.

Winter is at our doorstep, and in Quebec, this spells misery for many animals. Cats, in particular, are designed to live in a warm climate and, contrary to popular belief, have a great deal of trouble surviving our winters. Every year, hundreds of homeless cats die before reaching the end of this difficult season, and even more lose a part of their bodies to it.

To ward off the cold, some cats instinctually hide under cars or even inside their frames to find warmth. Unfortunately, since they are hidden, these cats get hurt once the car is started. Homeless cats spend the entire winter looking for shelter, often risking their lives to find it.

In wintertime, cats living outdoors have very little chance of surviving without the help of humans. Those who make it are in very poor health and need a lot of medical attention. To rescue homeless and abandoned cats during the coming winter, the Refuge for cats needs your donations. To date, the Refuge has saved over 3500 cats and has found them forever homes. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help, support, and generosity.

Join us as we fight to protect cats from the cold and restore their health, confidence, and dignity!
Our objective is to raise 3000$. Thank you.
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