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Become a sponsor


Sponsoring a cat involves contributing to:

The basic needs of a cat rescued by the Refuge while he or she is living in a foster home (food, litter, deworming, vaccination, and spaying or neutering). You can sponsor a cat either for the duration of his or her stay with a foster family, or for a shorter period of time. You would be contributing to the cost of feeding and caring for the cat while he or she awaits adoption. Your sponsorship would end once the cat is adopted.

The specialized veterinary treatmentsrequired by a cat whose state of health necessitates tests, teeth cleaning, surgery, and/or short-term medications. Your sponsorship would end once the cat is adopted.

The purchase of long-term medications (insulin, antivirals, antibiotics) needed by cats suffering from illnesses such as diabetes or AIDS, and whose chances of finding an adoptive family are slim as a result.

Sponsoring a project involves providing funding for projects such as:

Campaign to spay and neuter homeless cats Despite the Refuge’s efforts to find a home for all cats, the number of homeless cats that can be found in the streets and laneways of our city is striking. And as time goes by, the number of homeless cats continues to increase. Thanks to the sponsorship of people like you, we have taken on the ambitious project of spaying or neutering as many cats as possible. Homeless cats often suffer mistreatment at the hands of people who do not share your love of cats and/or are intolerant of the habit unsterilized cats have of marking their territory (the smell is certainly unpleasant!). In lending your financial support to this project, you would be helping to limit the number of homeless cats and to prevent their mistreatment.

Campaign to distribute information on caring for cats, spaying and neutering, etc. Your sponsorship would contribute to the costs of creating, printing, and distributing informational material such as pamphlets and advertorials.

Becoming a sponsor

As a sponsor to one of the Refuge’s cats, you will receive a photo and description of the cat you are sponsoring, and information on where he or she was found, his or her state of health, the medical treatments that he or she has been given or will need, etc.

You are warmly invited to come visit your protected on adoption days. If you choose to do so, you will be able to see the positive results of your sponsorship for yourself.

You will receive an official tax receipt for your contribution in early year. Receipts are usually sent out at the end of February.

To become a sponsor, go to our Donations page and dedicate your donation at the cat that you want to sponsoring.


The story of Gros Gris

Gros Gris was taken in by a volunteer for the Refuge a little more than a year ago. He had come to her door wanting food during a cold winter day. Because of an infestation of mites, his ears were full of blood because he was scratching them all the time. As well, he had a serious eye infection.

During his first visit to the vets and with proper treatment, the ear mites dispapeared byt his eye infection persisted. A re-evaluation by the vet found that Gros Gris had a malformation of the eye which caused a permenant ocular infection, probably as a result of a street fight. Surgery was needed to correct his eye, but the estimate for the operation that would cure this cat was close to $1,000. For a refuge which operates solely on personal donations, it was simply impossible to spend that kind of money on one cat.

But when Mrs. Gaudet, a truly generous individual got in touch with the Refuge and decided to sponsor Gros Gris and give him a chance at having a normal live. After pre-operative tests, Gros Gris was operated on with success in April, 2008. Thanks to this delicate operation, this wonderful cat bounded back, full of energy and truly handsome. After a convalescence of a few weeks, he was taken to his first adoption day and immediately secuded a good-hearted woman who adopted him and is now taking care of him. It goes without saying that Gros Gris would probably never had found a family without this surgical procedure.

All the volunteers of the Refuge pour chats de Verdun thank Mrs. Guylaine Gaudet for her big-hearteness and her great generosity which has allowed a street cat to finally find happiness and to live the kind of life he dererves. We all wish a long life for Gros Gris!