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How to help


The Refuge for cats Verdun depends entirely on the generosity of its community. For this reason, if our cause matters to you, here are all the ways that you can help us keep our mission alive.

Make a donation

As a non-profit organisation, donations are the heart and soul of our financing. Veterinary expenses can be quite steep, it only takes a few cats in bad shape for the bill to climb way beyond what is covered by the adoption fees. On more information on how to donate, be sure to visit our MAKE A DONATION section.

Become a volunteer

The Refuge pour chats de Verdun depends on the dedication, commitment and generosity of its volunteers. The shelter is always in need of volunteers for a variety of tasks, maybe one of these could strike your interest:

  1. Trapping of stray cats
  2. Transportation of cats or materials
  3. Communications (e-mail, phone)
  4. Various administrative work
  5. Researching potential sponsors and partners
  6. Organisation of events and fundraisers
  7. Publicity (conception, outreach)
  8. And much more…

For more information on volunteer work, visit our BECOME A VOLUNTEER section.

Become a foster family

The Refuge pour chats de Verdun has no physical space where we keep cats friends. All the cats that we rescue are taken care by generous foster families until their adoption. Therefore, we are in constant need for people willing to open their doors and hearts to one of our furry friends while we find them a forever home.

To become a foster family, you should be able to comply to the following criteria :

  • Be able to welcome a cat in your home. Ideally you would have a room where you can isolate the cat while it acclimates to its new envrionment. Cats are territorial creatures and a change of environment is a huge stress for them. Having a closed quiet room helps them feel safer faster while they take in all the new senses.
  • You are responsible in providing the cats food and litter. This contribution can be considered as a donation and you could get a tax receipt if you request it. You have to provide all your food and litter expense receipts in order to receive a tax receipt.
  • You commit to keeping the cat inside your home for the entire time of its foster care.
  • You commit to give all the time necessary time required for the cats wellbeing and rehabilitation.
  • Some cats require the administration of medication during a part or the entire time they will be staying in a foster home.

If you wish to become a foster family you should start by filling out the BECOME A FOSTER FAMILY FORM. A volunteer will contact you and will make sure to explain and assess that you are in a position to properly care for the cat that will be placed in your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail if you wish to have more information on this subject.

Sponsor a cat or a project

There are many different types of sponsorship. You can sponsor a cat (veterinary treatments or medication) or a project (help finance an event of the shelter). All donations of $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt (you have to provide your personal information such as your address in order to receive a tax receipt).

Spread the word about the shelter

If you wish to help us further our cause, talk to your friends about us! You can also distribute our flyers and pamphlets or simply follow us on social media and share. Every small gesture counts!

Thank you for helping us keep our mission alive!