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Partners and sponsors


 The Refuge has the immense privilege to have a partnership with a specialist in feline behavior, Laurence Grondin, FelineGood.

Laurence founded FelineGood, which specializes in behavioural problems counselling. Laurence has extensive field experience as well as several specialized academic trainings in cat behavior. Whether you are having problems of cleanliness/litter, meowing and nocturnal agitation, destructive behaviors (furniture), introduction between cats or dogs, socialization issues, she has a wide range of expertise and her interventions have a positive and effective impact. For more information about FelineGood visit the website here. Follow FelineGood on Facebook

The partnership with FelineGood helps us with some cats in foster families who have socialization issues. FelineGood also offer a preferential rate to new adopters for the first 3 months after adoption.


We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous contributions that enable us to pursue our goal in helping abandoned cats. We value your support!


The Refuge would like to thank all individuals, companies and organizations that help us continue our mission with the feline community of Verdun and its surroundings. Because of you theses cats now can hope to have a long and comfortable life.

Foster families

Our foster homes are the heart and soul of the shelter. Thanks to your efforts, your time and your patience, many animals regained their dignity. Without your help, many would have died, some at birth, or experienced atrocities on the street. Your help and your love for cats is boundless and should be fully recognized. On behalf of all the cats who now lead a new life because of your contribution, your love and your devotion. A huge thank you!


A big thanks to our volunteers who bring comfort day after day to kittens and cats of all ages and who do their best to give a second chance to those animals in need. Thanks to you, the shelter continues to grow and has become a mature and healthy organization. Your commitment, your efforts and your time eased the way for hundreds of cats and allowed them to live a normal life. Your involvement is testimony to your love for cats and is praiseworthy. Thanks in the name of all the cats who got a second chance, from the heart!